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Mud is one of five powerful elements of nature having enormous effect on the body not only in maintaining its good health but also in preventing several diseases. The cooling, chemical, and mechanical properties of mud help to treat not only skin and joint problems but also metabolic disorders. Mud is being used either in the form of full mud bath, or as local application to particular areas or as mud packs.

Full mud bath

This is the application of mud on the entire body for a specific time that will invigorate the skin condition by increasing blood circulation and energizing the skin tissues. Taking frequent mud bath helps to improve the complexion of the skin by getting rid of spots and patches, which appear as the result of various skin disorders. Mud bath is generally recommended for all kinds of skin diseases, including psoriasis, leucoderma, Leprosy, and urticaria.

Mud pack

Mud pack is successfully used for treatment of various diseases like gastritis, constipation, conjunctivitis glaucoma, headache due to tension, insomnia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiac ailments, kidney ailments, diabetes mellitus etc.