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Better Living and Holistic Healing Through
Nature Cure and Yoga

NAZARETH NATURE CURE CENTRE at Kunnoth has been providing excellent nature cure services for the last 31 Years. For us, ‘Returning to Nature is Returning to God’ because we believe that the harmonious relationship between body, mind, and soul constitute a perfect human being. Nazareth was a beautiful, serene, and pretty village in Galilee where Jesus, Mary, and Joseph adopted a natural way of living as a holy family. Jesus always remained close to nature. He went about around the gardens, hilltops, wilderness, and Sea, to pray, to relax and to teach. He cured the people also with pure natural things. Nazareth Nature Cure Centre tries to continue this healing mission of Jesus Come, stay “at home” here, get your proper nature cure treatment, enjoy the surroundings, and go back fully rejuvenated and perfectly healthy. You will feel that this is your second home where your overall health is taken care of and where you enjoy being together with like-minded people .

Good Words. Good People.